NSCSP IT ConneXion would like to invite you all to our event on Thursday (Nov 11) @ 7 PM CST. We are having a session on VirtualBox and Unix Commands. Please join us and invite your friends.
When to say YES and how to say NO to take control of your life.

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Johny C.

Connecting at NSCSP has been a life changing experience for me. Being actively involved in NSCSP has not only given me professional connections but mentors, friends, and family who have become integral part of my life. I am enjoying this journey of being blessed and blessing others through NSCSP.

Software Programmer, Minnesota

Monisha M.

I came to know about NSCSP in 2018 and got an opportunity to join NSCSP conference for the first-time same year. During that time, I got an opportunity to connect with many people, who later became my friends and family far from home. I am learning not only about faith, but also important life lessons from the people I met through this journey. It is a blessing to know NSCSP family.

QA Tester, New Hampshire

Neera T.

Being able to connect with NSCSP has been the biggest blessing. Right guidance is a treasure that is not always easy to find. And with NSCSP, being able to connect at the right time, I got all kinds of guidance from professionals from various fields. I got not only career counseling but also I got to be connected with Nepali Christian students from all over the USA and be a part of their prayer and fellowship. I am eternally grateful to the NSCSP family for everything.

Quality Analyst, St. Louis, Missouri

Ryon C.

Being a part is NSCSP is always blessing and life changing. Connecting with new friends, growing in Christ, helping, supporting and sharing Good News of Jesus Christ is so amazing. NSCSP bring all of these things together.

Harrisburg, Pensylvania

Hemant T.

NSCSP has given me a community of like-minded, mission-oriented friends and I am very grateful for this ministry. I thank NSCSP for connecting with Nepali Christian students and professionals from all over the USA and bringing us together. The best part of NSCSP has always been the new friends that I get to connect with. I appreciate all the hard work they do. I am thankful to be a part of this ministry and cherish every aspects of it.

Network Security Engineer, Baltimore, Maryland

Elvin T.

Away from home, Never had I thought I would meet a Nepali Christian Community here in US, but knowing about NSCSP and connecting to it’s wonderful and encouraging family has made it feel like home away from home. Each and everyone is very warm and welcoming, and also always willing to assist if any need be. I am pleased as punch to know NSCSP and the team. Thank you for all that you are doing.

Biochemistry(Undergrad), California.

Sila T.

NSCSP has turned out to be the perfect home-away-from-home. The readiness of other members to direct you not only in your spiritual life but also in your professional life is something that I am tremendously thankful for. The amount of thought and effort every individual put into each event is truly laudable. I can hardly wait to give everything back, what I have gotten from NSCSP.

Software Developer, Edmond, Oklahoma

Nirmal G.

NSCSP is a great place where I find it is much easier to get connected and be a part of a group that focuses on development of others.

Computer Science student, California

Suresh P.

I am grateful to be a part of this great family. NSCSP is not only helping me to build a professional network but also guiding me to develop intimacy with God. I feel so blessed to see people in this group loving, caring, and supporting each other. I appreciate all the efforts made by the NSCSP team in helping me to grow in faith and career.

PhD in Computer Science (student), Michigan Tech University

Arpan P.

I went to St Louis NSCSP 7th conference for the first time. I learned valuable life lessons and made some wonderful friends. I never would have met otherwise. Since then, I feel glad to be able to contribute and actively involve in different activities. From meeting young hilarious students to learning from inspiring mentors and professionals- it’s been a blessing.

Arpan pradhan, Supply chain Planner, Chicago, Illinois

Arun R.

I believe the Lord is answering through a community like NSCSP. NSCSP reaches out and connects as many Nepalese Speaking Christian Students and Professional as it can find throughout the country to foster their faith, strengthen them to fight obstacles and embolden them to spread the Gospel through "live on mission" rather than "do a mission". Let's come together, grow together, live on mission and share our blessings with others!

Arun Rai, Software Engineer, Virginia

Rajendra P.

We know that we all look for people like us in our surroundings. NSCSP has been that place for me to find people alike me in terms of profession, career goals and spiritual unity. Its like a family far from family to me.

CPA, Ohio